Friday, February 28, 2014

Up Bright And early

Not My Knee
Early Bird Gets The....

Got up early today to start my new regimen of Physical Therapy.  One thing you learn from busting out your knee is that it has happened to a lot of other people. I have had numerous people from work come by my office and describe their knee injury and recovery.  One lady was just 7 months post surgery and used same doctor as me!  While everyone had a story, they also had happy endings (of course they were all younger than me!).

I have actively been adding to my dividend portfolio of late.  My Taking Stock series convinced me that some of the dividend stocks I owned were cheap (relatively). Also, I do like the "safety net" of dividends as they will be reinvested, which makes me not mind a market swoon as much.  I have bought/added AODFSCPM and BBEP. I have five stocks/securities that now pay monthly dividends/distributions.  With my factor, it is over $3,000 a month.  It is real money and in a weird way, I enjoy the income stream as much or more than captial gains.  I may also add in upcoming weeks to NTC (the Ct Municipal tax-free fund).

Speaking of dividends, I did get the most recent NAV report from TGONF.  The NAV is now $16.39 ( Note the stock is trading at $10.71. Then they bumped up their quarterly dividend a penny from 14 cents to 15 cents.  So that is nice as well (5.6% yield).  I would like to buy a few more shares, but it is so ill-liquid - even in Europe.

I did place a sell order in for MBUU at $18.40.  While I like the company, I do not want too many LMNS (clearly too early in the day); I need to follow the mantra, "if a new one comes in, and old one must go out".  I think the majority of my recent flurry of activity will be dying down.  I did get my annual bonus this week - so I did want to put some funds to work.  I view MBUU and LMNS as short/intermediate term buys, and when they are both sold, I will have a pretty solid war chest for future bargains.
Schloss 14
higher p/e stocks right now. And with my purchase of

As time goes by and I am successful in investing and I put in new money, I am starting to have some fairly substantial amounts in individual positions.  That is why it is critical for me (and should be critical to you) to focus on investing, to be intelligent and to be an adult.  This is not "mad money". This is not a "casino". This is our future standard of living.  It is ok (in my view) to take a measured risk (with eyes wide open) from time to time.  But it is more important to have both feet firmly on the ground in the vast majority of positions.  Time is on your side (as the Rolling Stones sang), in my opinion that is the biggest advantage investors have over the traders.  Buy good stocks and good values and "your patience will be rewarded" (sorry AB).

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