Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tax Time!

I pulled together everything (well almost everything) for my upcoming income tax filing.  One of the "big" items was all my short and long term capital gains and all the associated transactions.  I think my stupidest trade of 2013 was selling JPM for a 42% gain in March - when I could have waited just two more months and made it a long term gain.  That cost me $4,800 (with my factor) in higher taxes.

It was a very good year - Uncle Sam will be happy.  With my factors, I had $96,000 of short term gains (a quarter of that from the JPM trade mentioned above) and $260,000 of long term gains (2014 is off to a fast start on the ST side with sales of NUS and HIMX - already $81,000 short term).

It was kind of a sour day in the market for me.  I was down 54 basis points.  All my transactions yesterday were for the good (except KLIC). My purchases of PM and FGL both were up decently and SBS (which I sold) was down.

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