Sunday, December 08, 2013

United We Stand (and Fall)

Rise And Fall of United

First, in my 2014 Calendar theme, to the left is a picture of Swiss Alps when we were hiking in August.  I am reading a neat book (A Short History of Nearly Everything) that explains how scientists view the world.  One interesting section deals with the age of the world and how it took scientists so long to date things.  He commented how the Alps and Rockies are so mucj more jagged than say the Appalachian Mountain Range because the Alps and Rockies are much younger and have not been smoothed and rounded by erosion.

I have been kind of following the UNTD spin-off of FTD as UNTD is an MFI stock and it skyrocketed post the spin-off.  I used to own UNTD as part of my dividend portfolio.  It was a major faux-pas when I sold it around $5 (it is over $13 now).   Here is a chart showing how UNTD has moved.  I have no explanation for why it went up so much, nor what caused the drop.

Ideas anyone?

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