Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sometimes You Are Just In A Good Mood

A Very Good Day

It was a very good day yesterday.  I was in New York and some meetings I had been dreading a bit went pretty well.  Summer is winding to an end (School started for the kids yesterday), but it was a perfect summer evening as I went back home to Ct from the city.

I drove with the top down. It is funny, when you are in a good mood, everything is better. The music was better, the sunset was prettier (it was very nice), the food was better etc.  I did stop in Wallingford Ct and went to Knuckleheads. This is a little dive that I have started to go to from time to time when I am driving home and will miss dunner.  Had a Junk Yard Dog with an Angry Orchard (I know I got some advice here to try more craft beers). Then got home to the family by eight.

On the investment side, I did have a set back with TLM (Repsol, Talisman Talks Over Possible Deal Stalled).  I had bought some call options on TLM along with the stock last week. On Monday I had sold 25% of my options for a very nice profit, but had been a little greedy and rest of order did not place.  So now I have a small loss.  I will hold as there is still a reasonable chance talks will pick back up.

RCII got a nice upgrade (Rent-A-Center upgraded by Canaccord Genuity) and the stock is now up over 20% since the start of the month.  TCMCF jumped 8% (on light volume) as I think sellers are starting to recognize you'd be crazy to sell this stock for under $15 when TC is over $3.

Be happy.


Unknown said...


In CA for two weeks to visit my son and his family.

I would appreciate it if you have a link to a good spreadsheet to make a Internal Rate of Return calculations. My searches have not been successful.

Quicken does OK but need a sheet that will carry on the returns over several years.



Marsh_Gerda said...

John - not sure what your excel skills are like, but Excel has an IRR function that works great once you get the hang of it.

Let me know, I can send you a worksheet where you enter daily cash flow (or could be weekly or monthly or quarterly) and it will give you an annualized IRR.

Unknown said...


I would very much appreciate it. I use Open Office but can get Excel up and running again.

My excel skills are mostly OK and my daughter has excellent ones.

Each day brings me closer to a reboot and this would help in that goal.