Monday, August 18, 2014

Active Monday

Active Monday

Based upon my weekend review of my holdings, I did make a couple of transactions to fine tune my portfolio.  I sold my TC, which I had scored a "4" and I used the proceeds to add to my GNW and BAC-WTA positions.  I thought about selling the TPVG, but it is a difficult stock to sell.

I also closed out my Aug 15, 2013 positions in FLR, RPXC, CF and KLIC. It actually worked out well to get to wait a couple extra days as I got a few more shekels.

It was a very good day for my portfolio.  I was up 1.5%, which was well above the market.  I did miss out on TTOO, which was up another 15% today.  One of these days I will get one of these post-IPOs right.

GTAT was up quite a bit as it looks more and more likely that sapphire will be playing a major role in the iPhone role out (Sapphire screens: The key to Apple's success?).

But someone once said on this blog, "you should never fall in love with a stock" and there is always risk that sapphire will not be in the majority of new iPhones. So here is a WSJ article commenting on potential pitfalls (Apple's New iPhone Could Crack GT's Stock).  Time will tell.  I am not sure what to do.  GTAT is now 11.6% of my portfolio. Is it time to trim back to my more normal position? Recall I increased my holdings by 28% during the stock drop in July (albeit too early).  I will ponder that tomorrow. Doesn't mean I do not have conviction, but 11.6% of my portfolio is quite out-sized.

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