Monday, August 11, 2014

Nice To Have A Good Day!

View of Cape Cod This Morning
Greetings From Cape Cod!

After seeing the cost for my family's dinner last night in Cape Cod, it was great to have a strong up day today!

Seriously, having a wonderful time here so far.  I woke up early, about 5:50 and took the picture on the left of the sunrise.  I enjoyed a cup of coffee and read a book for 90 minutes until the rest of family got up.

The stock market certainly has periods where it giveth and taketh.  After four straight terrible weeks, last week was actually quite good and today was almost a "booyah!" day, as I was up 1.6% versus 40 basis points for IWV.

TPVG Earnings

TPVG announced their earnings this evening (TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp. Announces Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results and Third Quarter 2014 Dividend of $0.32 Per Share). They increased their dividend from 30 cents to 32 cents.  That being said, I was underwhelmed.  I suppose I will continue to hold, as I like to have stability in my dividend stocks.  But they said their BV/share dropped due to having to pay the dividend last quarter.  Excuse me, a well-run company pays their dividends and at the same time manages to grow book value.

Stood Pat

I know I talked over the weekend about a couple of stock sales to prepare for additional juice in my MFI portfolio. I did not do that yet.  Had too much fun sitting poolside.

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