Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LMNS and KERX Hit The Road

Still Selling

The market continued it's slow melt down today.  I used the day to sell the rest of my LMNS (took a 21% hickey on that one) and my KERX (the stock I had bought last week when I saw Klarman was a buyer - I made a 5% gain).  I will continue to watch KERX and may buy again on weakness. LMNS is one I will try and forget.

Fibonacci Retracement

I am watching Mad Money, he is talking about chartists and the Fibonacci Retracement.  You know, it seems about as scientific as astrology.  Yes, you can always find some example that shows where it worked wonderfully, but I need more than that for my hard earned money. I would love to see a backtest, or an example of someone running a hypothetical portfolio using "Fibonacci Retracement Ratios" as a basis for decision making.  Fibonacci was a brilliant mathematician (I actually visited his grave site in Pisa) and Fibonacci series are very common in nature (such as flowers on petals).

Moose Is Looking Pretty Smart

The decision moose moved into treasuries a bit more than a month ago.  So far, he looks pretty savvy.

So far, the long duration treasuries are up 3.08% since the moose move.  That is actually the best performing asset class of the ones I am tracking (I may be missing a couple).

The table below shows each of the etfs and how they have done since 4/14:

Symbol Current2 Change Price Paid Gain Bid Ask
EDV 104.39 0.39 101.27 3.08% 103 109.67
EWJ 11.04 -0.13 10.98 0.55% 11 11.08
IEV 49.19 -0.27 47.77 2.97% 47 49.71
EPP 49.04 -0.55 49.38 -0.69% 40.13 51.49
SPY 187.55 -1.19 182.58 2.72% 187.41 187.42
IWM 109.06 -1.69 111.28 -1.99% 108.63 108.96
GLD 124.69 0.11 127.75 -2.40% 124.41 124.7
TLT 112.95 0.25 110.59 2.13% 112.61 113.27

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