Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Did A Little Buying Today

I bought NADL today. This is a company that specializes in Deepwater oil drilling, like SDRL. They are brand new (went public in January) and they seem to have reasonable growth prospects and sport a 9%+ dividend yield. So I have added to my dividend portfolio to give me a little more diversity there.

I also increased my position on RIOM by about 30% today at 1.65. They have dropped from about $1.95 since announcing their acquisition of Sulliden. It seems oversold to me, so I bought the additional shares.

I am having a solid week so far, up about 70 basis points while the R3K is up about 50 basis points. I was really helped today by SYNA, which popped 12% on the news that they are in discussions to BUY a Japanese chip maker. It stuns me that without even knowing what SYNA is looking to pay, that as an acquirer the stock would pop 12%.  That is really helping my November MFI tranche, which is now up 20.6% (SYNA is up 41.2%) versus a mere 7.0% for the benchmark.

TPVG did go x dividend today, so that is 1,500 (with multiplier) earned. My dividend portfolio is really starting to be a true income generator, with my factor, it is now at $63,425 annually. I am not sue if that is an all time high, but it is probably approaching it. If you include my dividends from mfi stocks, I am north of 70,000.

Off to the big apple tomorrow. My first business trip, three weeks since the acl surgery. I expect it will be a long day, and my knee will need some serious icing by the end of the day - but I really need to attend the meetings.

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