Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Friday Everyone!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well, the good news (for me) is that my leg is feeling a lot better today. I am a week past surgery and I am ready to get back to work, start physical therapy, try driving and everything else that is "normal".

So far this has "felt" like a bad week, but I am actually in the black.  That surprised me when I looked at the numbers, but Monday was actually a good day for me.

Yo, Adrienne!

Last night I re-watched the original Rocky.  It has really aged well in my opinion, hard to believe that was 38 years ago.  I love the usage of music, from the Rocky theme when he is training, to the subtle Piano chords when he shows his big heart in allowing Mickey to be his trainer (hope I am not spoiling it for anyone).  Earlier this year, I watched "The Fighter" with Mark Wahlberg and the incredible Christian Bale.  For anyone who has not seen this movie, I highly recommend it as well. It is a true story of two brothers, Christian Bale is the older brother and had his shot (actually fought Sugar Ray Leonard) and Mark Wahlberg, who is younger and "Rocky-ish" and is trying to climb the boxing ladder for a shot at a championship. But Bale wants to be his manager, which could work, except he is totally screwed up mentally and is into drugs. Great and powerful movie.

Winding Down LMNS

I did sell a bunch more of my LMNS yesterday.  With my multiplier, I had 20,000 shares at one time.  I am down to 5,000 shares now.  Given how large my overall loss is in LMNS, it is pretty surprising I am up 4.4% on the year (it is my 2nd worse loss ever on a dollar basis), I would be up 7.7% if I had never heard of the stock!  It is my own fault.  I got greedy and had seen so many stocks pop post IPO that it seemed like a "sure" thing.  Definitely away from my core investing approach, much more speculative.  All you can do is take the hit, learn from it and move on.

Thinking About August 15th Tranche

Now that I am past the 5 picks for May tranche, time to start thinking about the August 15th tranche.  Here are the 5 current picks.  Still early days, but this has been a strong performer:

8/15/2013 Start Current Dividend Pct Gain R3K Gain
CF $187.26 $239.20 $3.00 29.3% 13.9%
FLR $66.06 $74.21 $0.53 13.1% 13.9%
AGX $15.60 $28.12 $0.75 85.1% 13.9%
KLIC $11.29 $13.86 $0.00 22.8% 13.9%
RPXC $15.92 $16.02 $0.00 0.6% 13.9%
Totals 30.2% 13.9%

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