Thursday, March 06, 2014

Post IPO Results

As my readers know, I have started "speculating" a small amount of firms post their IPOs.  I say speculating as these are not necessarily value stocks (though I felt FGL was).  Here is a table showing my success this far:

Date Stock O/C Purchase Sold $ Gain % Gain Current
10/18 VJET Cl 22.09 24.13 2,040 9.2% 35.75
10/30 SCAI Cl 26.80 26.95 465 0.6% 31.77
12/11 ATHM Cl 28.80 35.03 18,690 21.6% 51.76
1/31 MBUU Cl 17.50 19.18 6,720 9.6% 20.85
2/13 FGL Op 19.75 22.29 2,108 11.0% 22.29
2/27 LMNS Op 12.94 12.80 -1,110 -1.1% 12.80
Grand Total


Now, you can see my gain has been (with my multiplier) almost $29,000.  That is quite good when you consider I have held most of these less than a month.  The interesting component is what they have done since I sold them.  They have gone up an aggregate of $69,000 since I sold!!!! Whoa. I could not believe ATHM was now $51.76.  Of course, these are volatile plays. Recall VJET (now $35.75) at one point topped $70!

I think the moral of the story is that I will continue to dabble in this market and I will be a little more patient to hopefully reap a little additional profit.  We will see if LMNS spikes.  And there are a couple companies going public today and tomorrow. Stay tuned.

geeks note: The FGL numbers above are a bit strange as I bought FGL initially at 19.75 and sold at $19.80.  But then rebought at 20.01.  The table above really illustrates my current open holding but my overall gain.

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