Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 15 15 Post Mortem

as I have mentioned, I can tend to over analyze portfolios right at the time I swap into a new tranche. Nothing like Monday morning quarterbacking, am I right?

Actually, my first funny (well a little funny) observation is that I now have in back to back tranches stocks with tickets SAVE and SALE.  I'll try to get a trifecta next quarter. What else is out there?

My newest tranche is hanging in there, as we speak it is up 2.1% versus 1.7% for the benchmark.  Then the 10 stocks I did not pick are up 1.4%.  The best so far is TDC, up 8.5%. My best is LCI, a up a nudge over 10%. More interesting is the five stocks I sold. They have withered down a bit, off 3.2%.  That is with NHTC down 22%!  That drop assumes I rebalanced and reinvested. If I had just held the five stocks another two weeks, my overall gain would now be 51% versus the 69% I booked. Was I good? Nope, just lucky.

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Karl Nelson said...

Check out DEEL for your trifecta. Truly a 'penny' stock.