Monday, November 23, 2015

Misery Loves Company?

as I have beaten myself up for my performance these past two years, it is a good reminder that the markets can humble anybody - even the very best. Now maybe they will turn out to be brilliant, but here are a few positions underwater with some name investors:

SD - Prem Watsa bought 28 million shares 3 years ago at 6.41 per share. He added 18 million more a year ago at 3.27. He owns 57 million shares at an average price of 4.91. The current price? 31 cents.

BBRY - as long as we are picking on Watsa, he has also lost a ton on Blackberry.  He has bought 51 million shares at $16.97 ( he started buying in 2010/11 around $40). It is now at 7.82. On both these stocks, I have to admit he has conviction and steadily added on the way down.

RIG - Carl Icahn bought 21 million shares in 2q2013. His average price was $51. He is still holding as they have traded down to about $14.

ARP - Leon Cooperman started building a position in 2013. He has about 4.6 million shares. His average price is $21.50. They are currently at $1.46.

SUNE - David Einhorn started buying this stock in 2014. He peaked at 24 million shares and then sold off about 1/4 to hold 18.5 million shares. His average buy price has been 17.77. The current price is 3.04. Ouch.

VRX - Bill Ackman, seems like a savvy guy. Swung and missed on VRX. Bought 19.5 million shares at $177. Currently at $87.41.

I could go on, but you get the picture!

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