Monday, November 02, 2015

Interesting Week For My Pharma Stocks?

Interesting Week?

My niche pharma portfolio continues to motor along very, very well.  It is nice to pick a winner for a change (so far - knock, knock). It is shortly earnings central for my names.

AMAG reports tomorrow.
DEPO is Nov 4th (Yahoo says the 3rd to the 9th???)
ENTA is Nov 23rd and
LCI is Nov 4th.

Da, Da Dum!!! It may very well be a interesting or even fascinating week. Here is how they have done so far for me:

10/20/2015 Start Current Dividend Pct Gain R3K Gain
LCI $43.26 $47.52 $0.00 9.8% 3.2%
DEPO $16.96 $18.89 $0.00 11.4% 3.2%
AMAG $35.63 $41.16 $0.00 15.5% 3.2%
ENTA $25.37 $31.98 $0.00 26.1% 3.2%
Totals 15.7% 3.2%

That ENTA move is quite remarkable. Right after I bought them, they dipped another dollar and I was kicking myself for buying them. Now up 26%.

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John Carney said...


On MFI Formula it seems like it better to pick a dividend stock that is down +25% or so vs the index rather than use Mr random. If no stocks qualify than use the random sort.