Friday, November 06, 2015

Final Week on 11/15/14 Tranche

My tranche from last November has one week to go. I will likely buy my five new stocks next Friday (the 13th - well, maybe not) or the following Monday.  As mentioned here earlier this week, the tranche continues to be nothing short of spectacular, up 70.6%.

So, what should I go for as replacement stocks? Tough act to follow.

Here is a brief list of 12 names I am considering.

DEPO - in my May tranche and off 15%. I like the fact that they should really be ramping up revenues and earnings. Of course, there is the shadow of some sort of price control that might go into drug stocks out there. Not sure how real that is.

CBI - they announced today and are off 3% to $43 and change. I liked them in May at $50, seems I should love them at $43.

PPC - hmm, looking like a lot of stocks I currently own.  I bought at end of March, down 11% - I think reasonable chance over next year they regain that and more.

VEC - a February buy that is down 7%. I read their earnings report a couple days ago, looks pretty cheap at $26.

BBSI - this is a play on jobs continuing to rebound. They provide business services (think payroll, insurance etc) to small and medium sized businesses. Seems if employment picks up, the need for those services also picks up.

RPXC - owned in a couple tranches a year or so ago. Leases out patent protection. They are so cheap in many ways, with a lot of excess cash. But the big tech guys seem to be pulling back from suing over patents.

PBI - pagers have gone the way of the do-do, so have personal checks and have postal scale machines.  But yet the companies that do these things are all in MFI top 50 list for the simple reason they still make good money.

VNCE - I own in my micro portfolio. They just hired new CEO. If he is the real deal, they could be a lot of juice here. This was a $38 stock a year ago and is at $4.27 right now.

Actually, two late additions. CYOU, a Chinese gaming company I owned in the past. They are cheap and seem to have fixed some of their issues. And DLX, the check company. They just make money - how can you fail to make money if you print checks?

LCI - another pharma company. They just had decent earnings yet were trounced 15%. Trading at $37, a solid $20 below where they were a couple months ago, and they were not expensive then.

UTHR - a third pharma.

Calm - KInd of the other side of PPC, this is eggs. Egg prices can be volatile, so this stock can swing about.

TDC - this is an old school big data company. They have been losing clients and market share to the new kids. But they still have great client list in an area (predictive analytics) of great interest. They have a lot of cash and still decent earnings prospects. Oversold?

SAVE - I missed this low fare airline when they first came out of the chute. They are down 50% from all time high and look like they my be a bargain fare.


Paul T said...

Airlines and Chinese Stocks. Two categories I avoid.

What airline hasn't gone bankrupt.

Chinese RTO fiasco. Don't trust much of anything that comes out of China.

But that's just my opinion. And you get what you pay for :)

msmith1862 said...

Any increased interest in BBSI with the big drop today?