Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Short List

Here are the stocks that are on my short list for my November 15th tranche.  I will likely buy the stocks at the end of Friday (the 14th) and sell my stocks on the Monday (the 17th).  I will however for bookkeeping use the prices the close of Friday for sale prices.

These are the current five stocks:

11/15/13 Stocks Start Current Dividend Pct Gain R3K Gain
AVG $17.22 $19.46 $0.00 13.0% 14.5%
ATVI $17.71 $20.61 $0.20 17.5% 14.5%
GA $9.04 $11.90 $0.23 34.2% 14.5%
RPXC $17.04 $14.03 $0.00 -17.7% 14.5%
SYNA $48.01 $62.47 $0.00 30.1% 14.5%
Totals 15.4% 14.5%

As you can see, it is a dead heat. Hopefully I can hold on.  I did enhance my returns slightly with a couple covered calls that will expire 11/22. On ATVI I got 88 extra cents (it will likely expire worthless as strike price is $26). On SYNA I got $2.05 (little close, a $65 strike price). That does mean I have to hold those two names through 11/22. That is added risk, I will not track it here, but any changes will be in my overall portfolio as are the option premiums.

My list for the 5 new stocks include:

You will note I have three very small companies on this list (NHTC, AWRE and MNDO). Then all the other companies pay a dividend.  Unless prices change a lot, I'd say VIAB and NHTC are the most likely two to be picked.  I go back and forth on the other names a good deal.

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John Carney said...


For me, I would go with what I think I Know.
You have 8 years of data that show:
+1 billion did +7.8%?
+1 billion with dividend 2.6% did +23?
+1 billion with any dividend did +8.7?

If you can get close to any of this with real money you will win big time.