Sunday, November 02, 2014

Few Good Stocks - Part 2

Few Good Stocks II

Back to noodling about 11/15/14 stock candidates.

KING - this is a company that everybody loves to hate.  Granted, Zynga has been a disaster. GLUU had a single hit and is crashing - the world of smartphone games is pretty fickle.  That being said, there are things to like about King at $11.32 a share. First they do have $2.60 in cash per share with no debt. Their trailing P/E is under 6 and the forward is just a notch above 6.  So they are very cheap.  If one could be convinced that they have staying power, a franchise, new games etc - then this might be worthy of consideration.  I think it may take a little digging to answer those concerns, but I am willing to keep KING on the list to do that research.

So the list is now ANIK, AGX, FLR, ITRN and KING.

Index Company Ticker  Mkt Cap 
1 Anika Therapeutics Inc ANIK                  574
2 Argan Inc AGX                  503
3 Block (H&R) Inc HRB              8,888
4 Brocade Communications Systems Inc BRCD              4,642
5 Coach Inc COH              9,455
6 DepoMed Inc. DEPO                  900
7 Exelis Inc XLS              3,362
8 Fluor Corp FLR            10,384
9 Interval Leisure Group Inc IILG              1,202
10 Ituran Location and Control Ltd ITRN                  430
11 King Digital Entertainment plc KING              3,645
12 Myriad Genetics Inc MYGN              3,225
13 Natural Health Trends Corp NHTC                  121
14 Northrop Grumman Corp NOC            28,030
15 Omnicom Group Inc. OMC            17,834
16 Oracle Corp ORCL          190,213
17 Pitney Bowes Inc. PBI              4,963
18 Raytheon Co. RTN            31,995
19 Viacom Inc VIAB            30,838

plus AWRE, PERI and TPUB.

MYGN - this was definitely the stock to buy at the start of 2014 - a mere $20.98 a share (now pushing $40).  I think that unless something comes out of their earnings this week, I will take a pass.

NHTC - probably like a HLF lite.  Very cheap, growing and profitable.  They announce earnings this week, if they are good it may be too late to board the train.  I am definitely going to consider and watch ther earnings closely.

NOC/RTN - I am going to group these two as I will likely pick just one of them.  They have very similar metrics, so hard to decide between the two.  Interestingly, I am reading a book about the history of computers and the internet - I was surprised to see that RTN was one of two finalist with the Govt to build some of the first computers for networking, but they lost out (Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks). I wonder how different their history would have been.  I am going to keep both on the list as I will likely buy one.

So the list is now

So the list is now ANIK, AGX, FLR, ITRN, NHTC, RTN/NOC and KING.


Corpraider said...

Hi Marsh,

So are you exercising discretion among the large dividend stocks? I thought you were running the screen and then randomly picking 5.

Marsh_Gerda said...

Raider - I have two sets of MFI portfolios. My older set, which will be 11/15, 2/1, 5/6 and 8/15 - on these dates I will continue to pick my stocks.

Then the new approach is 9/30, 12/31, 3/31 and 6/30 - these will be picked by formula and randomness.

My intent will be to have more dollars in #2.