Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Goes Down Must Come Up?

Today feels like a real reversion to the mean sort of day. I mentioned that yesterday was my worst day since November 7th.  Today is my best day since October 10th.   I have two other very similar days (November 13th and December 23rd).

On a dollar basis, it is all about GTAT, up 4.6% and my largest holding.  But TC is up 18% and TC-PT is up by a similar amount as ML (Why Thompson Creek Metals (TC) is Popping on Tuesday) called them a "buy" (with a $7 PT). INTC is also carrying a lot of water, up 4% on (I believe) a JPM upgrade (Intel: J.P. Morgan Jumps Aboard on Realistic Outlook, PC Trends, Foundry Business).  So Today should put me back in the green for the year (up 63 basis points and beating the IWV by 93 basis points).  Just think, if I only looked once a week, I would not have even noted the slide.

Monthly Dividend

It reminds me of those cute AT&T commercials.  "Which would you rather have, a dividend once a quarter or a dividend once a month?". The kids always know the right answer, as it is usually obvious.  So it is with my question as well.

BBEP started this month their transition to monthly dividends. It happened so fast, that I did not even notice it.  I went x-dividend on the 9th.  So I now have three monthly stocks: BBEP, CSQ and AOD. They pay (with my multiplier) monthly dividends of $767, $470 and $576.  That is about $1,800 a month. I know my dividend stocks are under-performing a bit, but there is something extremely satisfying about getting that monthly check. And as I am reinvesting the dividends, that amount will grow at about an 8% compounded rate!  Sweet.

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