Friday, January 24, 2014

SYNA Has Respectable Earnings

SYNA announced their earnings last night. While they appear to have missed slightly, the stock is trading up this morning by about 3%, so I suppose there was something positive. This is a bit of a strange stock, it really does not feel the love, taxing at 14x next years earnings! despite pretty respectable growth.

the love for CA was short lived. When I read thru their earnings, I was struggling to understand why the market initially liked them so much. They have dropped back to were they were pre earnings. A bit disappointing, but not really surprising.

SNDK actually sold off a bit post their earnings on what was generally a down day yesterday. Looks like I will have a very good chance to buy them February 1st.

I have bought six securities this year: C, SIRI, FGL, RIOM, KLIC and NTC. So far in aggregate they are down by 1%, so I am not exactly setting the world afire. It is clearly going to be a tougher year. Overall I am down 90 basis points and trail the benchmark by 26 points.

Unless some fabulous buying opportunities arise, I am not planning to buy anything else for a while. I want to be sure I have dry powder. I will be getting some additional funds to invest at the end of February, so in a weird way a five or ten percent pullback right now could be a good longer term opportunity.

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