Monday, January 13, 2014

Went Shopping Today


I made my first purchases of 2014. Actually, my first purchases since December 11th (when I bought ATHM, which then shot up 21%).  Hopefully these will be as successful, though they are admittedly more boring.

I bought SIRI at 3.73.  Liberty Media has made a bid on them, and I am betting that the bid will need to be bumped up (Why Malone Must Raise His Sirius Bid).

Then I bought two tranches of KLIC at 12.14 and 11.88.  These increased my holdings by a bit more than 25% and makes KLIC my #3 holding, behind GTAT and GNW.  KLIC was off 7% today on no news that I saw.  As readers may recall, I think this is an 18 dollar stock in next year or two.

Terrible Day

My overall portfolio was down right at 2% today, hurt by GTAT, KLIC and SBS. It was my worst day since November 7th.  I guess the stock market gods were displeased that I mentioned how non volatile my portfolio has been in 2014!

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