Friday, October 01, 2010

Final Tally of Week for China

W + E + B = China Up?

As I mentioned, the Chinese companies were en fuego this week. Perhaps it was because the Oracle of Omaha was there this week. Here is how my Chinese stocks fared (note these are not all in my MFI portfolio):

China 9/24/10 10/1/10 Weekly Change
CHCG 0.23 0.24 2.2%
UTA 4.22 4.79 13.5%
CEU 3.81 4.63 21.5%
eesc 2.30 2.30 0.0%
CMFO 5.12 5.24 2.3%
NEWN 5.17 5.99 15.8%
CCME 8.48 10.03 18.3%
Combined 3.91 4.44 13.4%

Not too shabby, I may actually be able to retire some day...

Playing Catch-Up

When the CSKI crush occurred on 9/7, my IRA was kind of decimated. It had dropped 12% from my August high. Guess what? I have made it all back. Of course I sold CSKI (which is also higher than when I sold it)... but I added to my UTA position at $3.33 and bought a boatload of TTT when I wrote about "free money". Since then TTT is up 15% and UTA is up 44%.

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