Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check It Out!

Well, I did the calculation today and I can officially say that On October 12th, 2010 I have officially reached breakeven on the year and am ahead in my 4 3/4 years I have been at MFI. I know, I know,it isn't exactly cause to break out the party balloons, but we should celebrate a little! Check out the table:

MFI Annual Performance

ITD Annual
2006 10.74% 10.74%
2007 -6.57% -15.63%
2008 -41.60% -37.50%
2009 0.71% 72.47%
2010 0.91% 0.20%

New stock opportunity?

As my readers know, I have been trying to transition my portfolio to dividend paying stocks on the list (targeting above 2.5%). Guess what? There is a new one that is worthy of "checking out". PETS. That lovable company we see on commercials all the time. They pay a 3.1% dividend and I may just "pony" up and buy some shares tomorrow.

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J said...

I was on vacation for the past 5 days so i suspect I must have gone in the black at the same time as you. I have been at the MFI since 10/07. There was a point where I was in the black a few years ago, too, but then the market did a semi dive. Come on Dow 12K!

Could this be the 3 year anniversary that the book suggests? I have pretty much stuck to the strategy, except I have sold 1-2 dogs early along the way. Better than the S&P and better than bonds! Raise your glasses everyone.