Thursday, April 05, 2007

Texas Road Trip

Sorry for not mentioning in a blog, but I am on a Texas Road Trip with my family and will then be going on a business trip to NYC. I haven't had time to write anything meaningful. I will likely post a full post this Monday.


Todd said...

I happened upon your blog not too long ago and really enjoy reading it. Like you, I was intrigued with RAIL (although for different reasons) after watching hang around on MFI for so long. So I pulled the trigger and bought some, but now I see it is no longer showing up on MFI. So if you can, please explain whats the deal? Where did it go? It seems like the technical data is the same so why did it drop out of favor? Thanks again for the great site.

justadrone said...


the comings and goings of stocks from the lists is a mystery and source of anxiety for me. PTEN was gone for about 45 days and then just showed up as if it was never gone. I suspect it is due to data issues, but I always worry that the stock is not "MFI" any more. When I look at RAIL's financials, I see no reason for it to be gone from the list, so I assume it is data-related. Thanks for the comments.