Wednesday, November 08, 2006

3 Interesting Charts

My MFI portfolio actually went up today despite TRLG being the absolute worse stock in the Nasdaq. Down 25. That is outrageous. But I will not rant. Rather I bought some in my sidecar mfi holdings (which have made about $10k for me). Here is the 5 day TRLG chart:

ASEI was my big winner today, Cramer suggested it was because the Dems won (360 Degrees of the Elections). I suppose that is possible but I suspect it is more because people are recogonizing that the recent quarter report was pretty darned good.

Hmmm I have had technical difficulties uploading the next two graphs. I'll try again tomorrow. ne chart was PNCL which stayed flat for the entire day and then shot up about 5% on heavy volume in final 5-10 minutes.

The final chart was PONR which inexplainably released a 10Q in the absolute middle of the day. I think it was a clerical error. The stock immediately spiked about 8%. I sold my sidecar PONR at this time. The stock then dropped 20 minutes later as the press release (Pioneer Announces 2006 Third Quarter Results) came out about their earnings. It was a solid quarter, but they talked about weakening pricing... not a good sign.

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