Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Transactions, Near Transactions and SYNA

The week is off to a decent start, despite a meltdown from NSR as mentioned at the end of last week. I was really helped yesterday by a strong move from RIOM. I knew I owned them for some reason!

My wife started us on a new diet on Monday. I do not know if it has a name, but it tries to avoid gluten, drink lots of water and steady stream of fruits and veggies.  So I just had a grapefruit for breakfast, it was actually very good.

On Monday I had two transactions. I bought kind of a half share of TIME. This has been showing up in the MFI lists, it should have a dividend between 3.5% and 4% and seems a classic example for Greenblatts first book, So You Want To Be a Stock Market Genius (he showed that spin offs often out perform). If TIME drops another 5%, say below $22, I will make it a full position. They are in my dividend portfolio.

Then I also sold my IDCC. This was always meant to be a discretionary, shorter term transaction. I made 6%+ in under a week and did not want to be greedy. It is still on my watch list, and on weakness I may buy it back.

Then I have had two "near buys" that I will mention from yesterday. A near buy is when I go into fidelity and literally type in the order. Then it either does not fill, or I void it out on uncertainty. The first one is a very interesting post IPO opportunity, ANET. They are growing rapidly as a competitor to CSCO and they are profitable (a rarity in IPO world). I had an offer just above $55. It did not fill, and then proceeded to close up almost $5 on the day at $60. My experience (hard earned) of trading these post IPO stocks is they do swing around quite a bit the first week or two. So I will continue to watch and may buy on a pullback.

The second one was PFHO. This is a micro cap stock that is VERY interesting.  I have had on my watch list for a year, when I first entered it on my list, it was $7. Now it is $60. Needless to say I have kicked myself many time for not buying it.  The problem is that it is extremely ill liquid.  S I will likely not buy, though is did put in an offer at $56 yesterday (which went unfilled). I still think they are reasonably priced if others want to check it out.

Finally, I will comment on some extremely good news from one of my mfi stocks, SYNA. They are buying a smaller company, that will be accretive and give them a possibility to sell to AAPL. The stock is up 19% in. Coffee hour trading.  This is one reason I try to find stocks that have excess cash. That often gives them the flexibility to make accretive purchases, without dilution or taking on significant debt.

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