Friday, June 06, 2014

Not So Reassuring

NSR is one of my May 2014 MFI stocks.  They had already tumbled from $50 to $25 on rumors they were likely to lose a key govt contract. Today they were trading very nicely, up 6 or 7% most of the day until the final ten minutes. At that time they gave back the entire gain of the day.

Now after hours they are trading down another 7%! I tried to sleuth what happened. All I could find was a reference to a letter from the PSC that said they needed more time to make a decision.  I have no idea whether that is a big negative for NSR. My understanding is that the final choice is down to them and Ericsson.

Did put a bit of a damper on what has otherwise been a solid week, up about 2%.

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John Carney said...

Chart on NSR not very reassuring:{"zRange":"5","startDate":"2014-1-1","endDate":"2014-6-6","chartStyle":"mountain","chartCursor":"1","scaleType":"0","yaxisAlign":"right","indicators":[["EMA",35,105]],"mode":"pan"}