Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two New Stocks In and Other Thoughts

A few changes in my portfolio.
  • UEPS hit its one year anniversary. I renewed it on Monday for another year.
  • WILC will hit its one year anniversary tomorrow. I will sell it Monday as I have large capital gains.
  • UTA comes up next week, I intend to renew it.
  • At the end of next week, three pharmas: FRX, PFE and ENDP are hitting their one year. I will sell PFE and likely FRX. Still undecided about ENDP.
  • Then I added two stocks, perhaps slightly early but I wanted to take advantage of the big drop last week: CHKE and IPXL.
Here are how the stocks coming up for sale have fared:

Purchase Date Symbol Initial Price Current Price Avg of Gain Avg of IWV Gain
5/21/2009 UEPS $12.50 $14.24 13.9% 27.7%
5/29/2009 UTA $7.90 $8.62 9.1% 23.0%
WILC $2.12 $5.88 177.4% 23.0%
6/9/2009 CHCG $1.12 $0.39 -65.2% 20.0%
FRX $23.10 $26.07 12.9% 20.0%
PFE $14.13 $15.37 13.6% 20.0%
6/12/2009 ENDP $16.72 $20.85 24.7% 19.4%

So you can see WILC and ENDP out-performed the Russell 3000, while the others underperformed. CHCG is worth so little, I forgot about them.

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