Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mucho Earnings

A lot going on. I'll try and keep it short and to the point.
  • ORCT - they announced their earings this morning (Orckit Communications Posts 1Q Loss). Not only did they post a loss, but announced they'll have a 2nd quarter loss. This is clearly no longer an MFI stock. I only had three weeks to go and decided to sell them today. I won't miss them, though I only lost about 5%.
  • PNCL - also posted earnings (Pinnacle net drops in first quarter). They did ok, but they do have increased costs from a new pilto contract and do seem to be having trouble getting enough qualified pilots.
  • TRLG - posted earnings this evening (True Religion Reiterates Guidance). I felt they were strong. This is a $15.50 stock that will earn $1.25 a share, grow 20% and is setting the table for big growth. A lot of people are short this stock and it could explode up 10% tomorrow.
  • NOOF - announced their 1st quarterly dividend today (New Frontier Media Sets Dividend). It was 12.5 cents, so that is 50 cents against a $9.00 stock. 5.6%, sounds great to moi!
  • FTO - They will announce their earnings tomorrow (Foolish Forecast: Frontier Oil Saddles Up). I am expecting big things. They come up for their 1 year in a week. I expect I will re-up for a 2nd year.
Where are they now?
TGIS has crashed and burned since I sold them. I can't believe this stock is $8.68. I did the math, they are not listed in MFI as the 4th quarter has a bunch of "n/a"s. But even if you assumed they made $0 in 4th quarter, they would still be in the top 50 easily. I am buying some for my non-MFI portfolio.
MSTR announced earnings today and crashed 11$ to $103. Sure glad I sold at $128.
ELX has moved up nicely since I sold them, as has DLX and PGI. AVCI clearly fell from grace. Finally, UST has dropped from $60 to $55... it looks like the 1 year rules worked nicely there. Though if it drops much lowre I'll have to think about bringing it back!

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