Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nice Start For Week

Nice Start

Beautiful lakeside sunset last night here in Switzerland.  I have had a very strong first two days of the week, up 1.5%.  I did see where GME is being taken off the S&P 500.  I get that, though I hate deceptive reporting.  The article I read said that it was too small for S&P 500 as their market cap was $3.3 billion against an average market cap for S&P 500 of $74 billion.  I think to use an average in that comparison is really unfair as you have some just huge market caps like AAPL, GOOGL and GE.  A responsible reporter would say the median market cap, which is $18 billion. And GME is not the smallest - that is $2.5 billion.

I will get off my soapbox, but I despise journalists using numbers and statistics to distort or hype stories.  If forty people were to die in a train wreck, the head line would not be "40 Die in Train Wreck", but rather "Scores die in Train Wreck".

My May tranche just has 16 days left, so that is 12 trading days.  It did make a bit of a comeback these last few days, but still needs a hail mary to be even mediocre.

5/6/2015  Start   Current   Dividend   Pct Gain   R3K Gain 
 CBI  $50.38 $36.41 $0.14 -27.5% 1.1%
 PSDV  $4.12 $3.25 $0.00 -21.2% 1.1%
 TSRA  $38.94 $29.64 $0.80 -21.8% 1.1%
 KORS  $62.24 $51.98 $0.00 -16.5% 1.1%
 DEPO  $23.50 $16.39 $0.00 -30.3% 1.1%
 Totals  -23.4% 1.1%

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