Thursday, April 28, 2016

Isn't That Special (Dividend)?

Special Dividend

I have held PPC is several of mt Formula MFI tranches. It was in 3/31/2015 and did well, up 13%.  It is currently in the 12/31/15 tranche and is up 6%.  It was "eligible" because I decided that stocks that had paid a special dividend in past twelve months could be considered to be in my formula approach (stocks greater than $600m market cap and a 2.4% yield or higher).

PPC also happens to be in my 11/12/15 select tranche and is up 23% there. So it is in 3 tranches which makes it my 4th largest single holding (behind BAC warrants, AOD and CSQ).

PPC announced earnings last night and another special dividend (Pilgrim's Pride Corporation Announces Declaration of Special Dividend).  It was also a solid quarter, beating analyst estimates.  The stock was trading up 7% last night.

TGNA Earnings

TGNA announced earnings yesterday morning (Tegna Results Top Expectations, Helped by Political Ads). I thought they were decent, but stock traded down 2.8%. Go figure.  I believe VIAB and some others report today, so things are active on earnings front!

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