Thursday, December 24, 2015

Today's Worst Article

Today's Worst Article

Sometimes I skim through the article Yahoo Finance associates with my stocks.  The system is not perfect.  When I owned Coach, sometimes they gave me news related to coaching changes.

But worse than putting the wrong articles with a stock are these computer written articles.  And there seem to be more and more of the schlep.

One that made me laugh was related to KING.  Now this is a company that is being bought by ATVI.  While it is a stock to buy if you are interested in arbitrage, it very likely has limited upside or downside (probably 95% certainty).  Check out the headline from Zacks: (King Digital Stock: 3 Reasons Why KING Is a Top Choice for Momentum Investors).

They may be able to give their computerized three reasons. But I can give one reason that trumps them all on why it is a terrible stock for momentum investors. In fact, since the deal was announced in early November, the price has not varied more than 25 cents. ($17.65 to $17.90).

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