Monday, December 07, 2015

Eureka! I Did Own JQC Before

Funny, I bought JQC last week as a safer income  opportunity than FSC.  After I bought them,  I had this nagging feeling I had owned them  before.

I was right.  And I sold them  at a great time.  It is easy to beat ourselves up for bad investment decisions, but selling JQC whn I did was perfect timing, virtually their all time high,  right around the time of the "Taper Tantrum".

Check out my major buys:

Date Purchased Date Sold Stock Purchase Price Sold Price Dividend Gain
07/08/11 04/15/13 JQC $9.22 $10.55 $1.48 31%
07/28/11 02/22/13 JQC $8.97 $10.29 $1.34 30%
10/04/11 08/20/12 JQC $7.48 $9.45 $0.73 36%

All with 30%+ gains.  And now I have bought back in at $7.80.  They have an annualized dividend of 60 cents, so that is pretty rich and they trade at a huge discount to NAV (14%). Not saying history will repeat itself, but I am  hoping for a  rhyme.

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