Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Well, the Dow reached an all-time high today. Pretty impressive run, I suspect beyond most people's wildest expectations.  I have certainly been riding the wave as well, I was up a bit more than one percent today and am now up 8.6% ytd,which is frankly on par with the indices.

My dividend stocks under performed today and have been under performing in 2013. I do think my dividend stocks tend to be a bit defensive in nature and some of my CEFs are hybrid, with some bonds. So that is not a huge surprise. AAPL has also been an albatross for the divvy portfolio.

My MFI portfolios continue to trail a bit as well, though the February first tranche is off to a nice start (helped by STRZ being up 21%).

My discretionary portfolio has been the big winner.  GNW (the biggest holding) is up 25%. Ad I also made some very good money on SD.

Even with the party hats on, I am maintaining my same approach. I have ten stocks on my watch list. I plan to sit and wait on my remaining cash, as there will be a pullback at some point.  And I really just need pullbacks in individual stocks, as I have bought three of my initial list already.

So my basic message is do not get too excited when the market is high flying, nor should you get too despondent in down times.  Just have a plan and have some discipline.

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