Saturday, September 26, 2009

Portfolio Held Up

In the grand scheme, the past week was pretty decent for my portfolio. I think I was actually up, but I do not have the exact figures as my normal computer is in the shop. I did sell FSUMF on Friday for a substantial gain. I had bought it on Jubak's recommendation last fall and he said the other day to sell it (Sell Fortescue Metals Group (FSUMF.PK)). So my MFI portfolio will become even more pure MFI.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I bought QCOR. Then I saw Steve of Magic Diligence wrote a note that QCOR is a one trick pony, who has the risk of seeing margin contraction (Quick Take: Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc. (QCOR)). I am sure he makes a valid point, but I'll stick with them as I do think there is upside if sales can be expanded just a bit.

I did look at my mechanical portfolios for the weekend. It appears that nothing new will be hitting the screen. The screens have been very constant recently since the upheaval of earnings season. If we start to get some more volatility (trust me I am not rooting for that) in the markets, then we might start seeing some new names.

I also did update my Momentum portfolio (only two weeks in so nothing much to say) today. New stocks getting added are GNI, PFE, FIX, JCOM and TPC. It is clear this portfolio is pretty maintenance heavy, not sure how long I'll keep tracking.

I also did have my September 26th, 2008 monthly tracking portfolio come of age. Again, as my normal computer is in the Ole Computer Shoppe I can't make my normal "pithy" comments (watching Bill O'Reilly). But it did beat the benchmark handily and all open prtfolios are alos beating the benchmarks. There is great similarity beaten the tracking portfolios and my real life performance, both are down ITD by about 5%.

BKE was on fire for me this week (I am now up about 25%) as they announced a special one time dividend (A Big Notch Up). Also, my Canadian mining company (HBMFF) was up another 11% on their recent gold find (I added 50% to my position when first announced). I did look to see if HBMFF was anywhere close to qualifying as MFI stock, but it isn't.

With the sale of FSUMF, I am pushing 23% in cash. Given the rockiness of the market, that might be a good thing. I haven't decided whether I'll buy a stock on Monday outside the Mechanical approach. I am thinking about getting back into CSKI, which I sold close to $16 and is back just over $13. I also am tempted to add to KHD at $10.29 to continue my push abroad. But most likely I'll just hold the cash and wait another week to see what enters the screens.

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