Monday, March 26, 2007

Norse God

Those well-versed in Norse mythology will recognize the God of Thunder, Thor. Those well-versed in MFI, will know that Thor (THO) has been a regular on the charts for the past year. And now THO has found its way into my portfolio at $40.30. What is not to like? They are located in my home state (Indiana). They sell RVs, so don't have to worry about foreign competition and have demographics going for them. Sure there is the higher price of gas, but it doesn't seem to be hurting their sales.

I haven't decided whether THO is my 32nd stock, or simply an early replacement to PGI and DLX, which come up for sale next week. We'll see. But it is officially part of my portfolio. I also had a buy order for TGB, but it went unfulfilled. I'll keep it on my watch list.

I did sell the rest of my OVTI today (at $14.20) as it spiked again on buyout rumors. At first I thought I sold it too early, but at end of the day I was pleased. Check out their daily graph. Think there were some rumors flying? Perhaps it'll be bought tomorrow and I'll have regret over selling the shares (though I still hold in MFI portfolio).

Anyway, that leaves me with VRGY, FDG, VPHM, RAIL & TBL in my sidecar. Wait, that reminds me about TBL (timber!!!). I was doing research on stocks looking at S&P star ratings. They give TBL the lowly 1 star. That is a strong sell. I generally don't pay attention to analysts, but I hold S&P in a little higher light as they are more independent.

I have closed the books on my stock ratings back from December 18th. This is where I rated stocks a 1,2, or 3 based upon what I thought their outlook was for the this quarter. Let us say that I didn't fare that well, it would be fair to state that I fared fairly poorly (yuck, yuck).

Ones - up 0.4%. ANF was best at +13%. PACR and RAIL struggled.
Twos - up 5.2%. DLX was up a stunning 40% (who'd have thunk it?), PGI + 23% and ISNS up 34%. ASEI & TBL down 15% each.
Threes - Up a whopping 12%. Of course PNCL lead the way, up 59%. But KG also was very very good, up 21%. TGIS was off 25%.

The moral? Picking stocks that will perform well in a quarter is like (lets think of the right metaphor) running through a dynamite factory with a lit match! But it is entertaining, as it is just on paper. I did much better the previous quarter.

Given that, I have picked for the upcoming quarter.

Threes - DLX, EGY, PGI, FTOO and ISNS
Ones - the rest. Yes I have a lot of ones this time. Largely because I have bought quite a few stocks of late, and I would not have bought them if I didn't think they were ones.

Wonder if there is an Odin stock???

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Travis said...

Keep up the good work with your blog.

Also being from Indiana, I bought THO on Thurs for my last round of stocks for the year. Hopefully it will work out for both of us. I also bought HOG, which was pretty stupid in hindsight. Esp. since it has dropped 4% in the 4 days that i've had it. I also bought EGY at 5.15. Maybe now is the time it goes up?!?