Thursday, March 22, 2007

A LIttle Bit Better

The day started badly as Ezenia! announced their year-end earnings. It wasn’t a pretty picture. Not only was to 2006 year so-so, but they said there would be pressure on earnings in 1st half of 2007. That was enough to initially drive the stock down 10%. It did end up down “just” 5.8%. I don’t know that I have the stomach to stay with these stocks under $100m. Then FDG had a press release discussing why the 1st quarter isn’t going to be good. Seems FDG is the master of excuses. But things got better. Two of my newer stocks, PDS & AVCI went up over 5%. That tends to help as my 2007 stocks are typically larger $. With the jump across the board in oil-related stocks, I did sell my sidecar holding of PTEN at a profit and moved some $ into VPHM, which has dropped 22% in the past month. So for those keeping score, my sidecar is now OVTI, FDG, RAIL, VPHM and TBL. It is up about $24.5K, while my traditional MFI is up $37.5K. Still doing quite well considering it is just typically 5 or 6 stocks compared to 31 in MFI.

I have two stocks coming up for sale in early April: DLX & PGI. They have both quietly been fabulous stocks for me. PGI is up 41% and DLX is up 31%. April 2006 was a good month! Not sure what I’ll buy, but I am keeping an eye on MOT, which is down over 6% today. While I have taken my share of bumps lately, I do feel sorry for those caught in the PALM saga of late. It spiked up this week on rumors it was to be bought and now has sunk just as quickly. I know one poster on Yahoo board was already excited about his potential gains. Who knows, PALM may be a buyout candidate again tomorrow.

One stock that I kicked around last September was WNR. I ended up buying ASEI & VPHM instead as I already had FTO. That was a mistake. One of the other bloggers bought it as WNR had a bunch of insider buying (Jamie?). WNR has been a big winner, up 87% since then! Not that I have done poorly with ASEI (+16%) and VPHM (+20%).

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