Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Great day for my stocks! First I have to give “props” (yes American Idol is starting today) to UST. This company is finishing like a champ. I have less than a week to hold it and UST is now up over 60%. I’d be curious to know how many S&P 500 companies are up over 60% in the past 12 months.

I answered my rhetorical question from yesterday (thanks for your response Steve). I decided it was better to own a few more stocks than bigger shares of stocks I currently have. My reasoning is that I have not exactly had a stellar MFI stock-picking record (though I seem to be getting better), so more stocks ==> closer to the MFI averages. So I bought my 31st MFI stock today, AVCI. They just had a great quarter, WSJ says the sector is ready to grow ([$$] Spending Wave Buoys Makers Of Network Gear) and they have over $4 in cash per share versus their $8.65 price I got them at this morning. What is not to like?

Stock Bragging – It is always fun to brag about stocks, though often the kiss of death. I suppose the euphoria I feel means a bear market must be around the bend. But I will throw caution to the wind!

PNCL is just a whisker away from being a triple. Their share price is $19.84 and $20.04 would be a three bagger.

PGI has quietly become a great stock for me. It is now up 24%.

CHKE, the big dividend player went up over a dollar today. It is now up 25% for me.

OVTI is making a mini comeback, making my sidecar happy. It is up 16% since hitting a low on January 24th.

New Study?

T (Magic Formula Investor Blog ), who helped me get my sidebar stock quotes into Blogger wants to start a new LT study on MFI. His basic idea is to pull lists weekly from MFI. Then use various approaches to rank the stocks (such as how many Stars S&P gives them). Finally, over time (3 years?) we might find other statistics that predict how a MFI stock will perform. I'd like to add market cap, # of weeks on the list during past year and % below 52 week high as additional statistics.

It sounds like a good idea, though I suspect it'll be time-consuming. But "many hands make light the work", so if people would like to help with the data gathering, check out his blog and volunteer!

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