Thursday, November 10, 2016

MFI Stocks Soar With Trump Election

MFI can be weird as many stocks are incestous. Right now there are a lot of pharma type stocks on the list and they have been under duress as the markets were largely assuming HRC would win. Well, that was wrong and is a catalyst for a terrific day in the stock markets and an even better day for MFI stocks.

MY MFI Index: +2.86%
50 Stocks from Yesterday's list: +3.8%
MY MFI Formula approach: +1.6%
MFI Select approach: + 4.6%

R3K: 1.4%.

I did use the pop today to sell some of my discretionary buys.  Not really convinced the markets continue to move higher, would rather have some cash.

I did sell a couple of my November tranche losers (recall they are to be sold before a year and I actually bought 11/12/15).  Also sold 1/2 my position in WLDN, my stupid buy of CWH and 1/2 my PN.

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