Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11/15/16 MFI tranche

i will publish a neat table later, but thought I'd post my five picks.

MPAA at 26.55
ATHM at 22.61
AMGN at 145.14
RHI at 43.23
CA at 31.11

I had actually bought MPAA and ATHM yesterday, so just used their closing prices. AMGN! CA and RHI all pay solid dividends and hopefully would not be in midst of a trade war. ATHM is my stretch pick, it was about #100 in my top 200 analysis and is not on official table to my knowledge. I have done this with Chinese stocks a few times with very good success since my reboot:

2/1/13 GA +91%
5/6/13 CYOU -4%
11/15/13 GA +34%
5/6/13 RDA +73%

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