Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New High Today.... Cheers!

My portfolios continue to do great.  Overall I am now up over 10% on the year.  Less than four months into the year, that has me pinching myself.  A lot of the gains though are from a single stock, NHTC (about 1/3).

NHTC is now my largest holding - not because I bought so many shares, but because it has doubled for me in under 6 months.  In fact, not to jinx the stock - but I have now made more $ on NHTC than any other stock ever.  Of course GTAT and GNW at various times held that honor, and then flew to close to the sun and their wings melted.

BXE made a great 7+% move today, it had been a laggard but if oil prices move up a bit it could also be a double... and I did buy a lot of shares of it.

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