Saturday, April 11, 2015

MFI Stock Extracter


Have to give my son some props.  I was showing him my blog and my worksheets I had created to pull in MFI-related information.

When he saw how I pulled in 50 stocks from the official screen, he commented that my approach seemed very inefficient.  I said it used to be straight forward, but the website no longer allows one to cut & paste.

He took that as a challenge and wrote a program in Python that literally goes to the website, enters in my id and password, gets 50 stocks at 100m market cap and writes them to a csv file.  Works perfectly.  You do give up flexibility of changing screen prompts, but it is all automated and that is the screen I almost always use.

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ChrisO said...

Did you tell him that he is now on the hook to support his program when they change something on the website. :-)