Thursday, February 19, 2015

Touch New High (for 2015)

Wow, TNH has been en fuego lately.  That is really helping me out as it is a largish holding for me (#4 on the hit list). Look at the stock chart:

So you can see in the past 3 months that it was in the low 90s for a few weeks and has now exploded to $150, with a $2.50 dividend in the mix as a kicker as well.  I am so glad I didn't sell.  So while I haven't gotten rich on TNH (up 7.5% overall), that sure beats the 40% loss I would have had if I'd sold in December.

2015 continues to be solid for me. I am now up 5.25% on the year, which is sweet after the disappointing 2014.

AVG Has Good Earnings

AVG, a component of my May 2014 MFI tranche had solid earnings last night and  went up 5.8% on the day (AVG Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Results).  That was my second straight MFI stock to post good earnings.  FLR also was solid earlier in the week and has traded up 5.3% this week (Fluor Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Results).

Actually busy day. I just saw IPCM (IPC Healthcare Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Financial Results ) and BRCD (Brocade Announces First Quarter 2015 Results ) just announced as well this evening.

My quick look at both shows nothing disappointing. BRCD has been a great buy for me, up about 34% since I bought in August.

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