Tuesday, February 24, 2015


i admit that I own a few esoteric stocks. Besides my tarp warrants on BAC and HIG and my T Meds, I own TGONF.  This is kind of the equivalent of a closed end fund that operates in the Gurnsey Islands and trades very illiquidity in the US.

Sometimes I think about selling it, but it is frankly so Illliquid that I haven't. Of course a better reason to hold it is that it is yielding 6% and is trading at a fraction of it's NAV. There was actually a supporting article about it today which I wanted to share:

Whitney Tilson Explains 'One Of The More Oddball Stocks I've Ever Purchased'

After reading the article, I am now thinking about buying more. 6% is not bad and there seems to be a solid margin of safety.  Of course it is almost as hard to buy as it is to sell.

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