Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good To Be KING

I can not tell you how glad I was to put 2014 in the books and move to 2015. That was a horrible year. My largest two holdings, GTAT and GNW were crushed. Then I over extended in IPOs. Finally, the third leg of the stool was the down turn in energy and commodity prices.

In 2015, I have been trading less and have been much more successful.  Besides my MFI trades, which have done well (12/31/14 tranche is up 6.7% and 2/1/15 tranche is up 4.8%) almost everything has been golden.

  • VEC was bought at start of year and was up 12% when I rolled it into MFI tranche (up another 8% since). 
  • CSIQ was bought and it is up 29%. I did sell calls, which capped my gain at 16%. 
  • RIG was bought and I made 18% before selling earlier this week. 
  • ZSAN is a 1/2 holding (ok I bought an ipo) and is flat. 
  • MNDO was bought this week and is flat (another half share)
  • KING was bought this week and is up 6% and then another 18% this evening. 
  • BXE was bought yesterday and is already up 7%. 
  • FSC was bought today, recall I sold at start of September (thankfully). 

Generally when things are working this well, some wheels will fall off. But it feels good to get into 2015. 

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John Carney said...


Got a new kegerator today. $25 massage,
Two fish tacos for $6 and a large beer for $4 and had a hog of a sunset in Fayetteville AR. It is good to be KING!

Hooked up the keg and no foam and trying to believe that the simple formula MFI is working. If so, I still believe it needs to be a well GUARDED story. You have a lot of history and it is working in real time. I also have 10 months of paper trades and nobody can do what this is doing! NOBODY!