Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sleepless In Singapore

Lost In Translation

Ever seen the movie Lost In Translation?  I am living it, though sadly without Scarlett Johansson at the bar.  I can't explain it, I can't sleep, but I am weirdly not that tired.  Actually, Singapore is probably much better than Japan (site of L-I-T) as everyone speaks English here.

I was pretty even with the stock market today. I was actually doing much better when I went to sleep, but woke up and found market had improved but my portfolio didn't.  My list of bad buys last year continues to haunt me. TC, which is correlated to TCMCF continues to crash and burn.  I haven't really looked to see why, but I am sure that crashing commidity prices plus way too much debt is a bad combination.  I felt so smart buying them as I got it at a huge discount to TC.  But unless I had shorted TC as I was long TCMCF, I was still largely tied to the fate of TC. So I have the consolation that I have done better than owning TC outright, but somehow that isn't working for me as I am down 40% (TC dropped 13% today).

MFI Tracking Portfolios

It is funny, things actually seem worse than they are.  The R3K is down 2.2% this year - not a disaster.  The Dec 31st MFI tracking portfolio is down 2%.  Probably a good thing for it that is has so little exposure to energy & commodities.

Well, I am going to just give up, shower, pack and get some coffee.  Off to Hong Kong tonight.


Lian Bao said...

Marshall, What do you think of Viab's downgrade today?

Should we be concerned?

I have a small holding.

Hope you enjoy Asia!


Marsh_Gerda said...

Lian - I am not bothered by VIAB downgrade. They have had some bumps, but I believe it is more than priced in. I will likely add more at end of January.

I just got to hotel in Hong Kong. First time ever here. It is late, but the hotel may be the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. The Shangri La.