Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I Bought My Five Stocks

Count me in.  I took the brave first step towards my new MFI investing approach yesterday.  I do not have the details easily available right now, but I did buy the 5 stocks I mentioned on Monday:

  1. BAH
  2. BKE
  3. CA
  4. GME &
  5. NUS
It was emotionally very difficult for me to put real money into some stocks I lack confidence in.  But that is the whole reason it is a "formula".

I am relieved to be back on track towards more of an investing, versus trading/speculative approach. I do believe that will help me down the road.

More this weekend.


John Carney said...


I thought it was just my old age! Thanks for expressing that it was "emotionally very difficult". That goes for double for me. My wife is thinking COH is going to be closing stores and cut the dividend.

The problem that I have is just that the number of dividend stock is very limited. There are 10 on the list and we both own five of them. In December the number of picks may be down to 4 or 6. Maybe the sort should be for stocks with a dividend of +1.8% We will know more later.

Thanks again for your persistence and the high quality of all your work and this Blog.

Marsh_Gerda said...

John - pretty funny. I asked my wife's opinion on COH back in April when I was considering for May tranche. She feels they have lost perception as upscale. KORS actually looks almost reasonable @72.