Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rising Tide

Rising Tide

Well, it was a great day for my portfolio, up about 1.9%.  That means I am now just down 2.4% for the year. Obviously, without the GTAT fiasco I'd be well in the green.

I did buy PGN on Monday.  This was a stock I mentioned as being exceedingly cheap over the weekend.  For those of you who don't read Barron's, I do highly recommend it. They did not recommend PGN, but they talked about Spinoffs and gave me a website for spin offs (Stock Spinoffs - Finding Value in Special Situations) that allowed me to find PGN.

On Monday I also sold some calls on SYNA and SNDK, two MFI stocks coming up on a year. I will not count it in my score-keeping for MFI as options are not a part of the official strategy.  I should have definitely waited at least one more day on SYNA.

RPXC and CCUR announced earnings after the bell this evening.  RPXC actually seemed pretty decent (RPX Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results).  But CCUR was not so hot (Concurrent Reports Fiscal Year 2015 First Quarter Financial Results).  I am starting to think CCUR is a value trap, so I may look to sell in the next week.

I will say, the stocks I have recently bought have done very well, gotta love that rising tide.

PGN + 3.7% this week
CCUR  +8.4%
KMF  +12.4%
CSQ  +11.9%
TNH +5.2%
VEC  +9.5% and +14.2% (bought two tranches)

I was asked what I thought of GTATQ. I am not a bankruptcy expert and have not studied the GTAT bankruptcy.  I have owned/followed other stocks into bankruptcy and they have always gone down => they have never recovered (for the stockholder). Maybe "this time is different", but I have no desire to test that.

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