Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Better Lucky Than Good?

Well, I am eight days into my new "Big" MFI strategy.  My five stocks, picked at random (gasp) are up 0.86% versus the IWV being down .38%.  Early days, do not want to declare victory yet. It is interesting, I looked at the five stocks that did not get picked by my randomizer.  They are down 2.94%.  So at least after eight days, I would say the gods of the randomizer smiled upon me, even though I didn't exactly feel that way.

But again, way too early to say anything about anything, but fun to look.

I did make a purchase today for my divdend portfolio. I bought DO, the offshor driller. I know these stocks can still go down, but I also believe the market has gotten way too pessimistic on their outlook.  I liked DO as they had the cleanest balance sheet, not much debt compared to equity. Also, analysts still have them projected to grow though I'd take that with a grain of salt(water).

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