Monday, October 20, 2014

20 Trading Days on November 15 MFI Tranche

Only twenty days left in my November 15th 2013 MFI tranche. It has been a winner, up 14%. I am starting to think hard about what five stocks to go with in replacement.

First, if I want to go with larger cap stocks that pay a dividend:

  1. VIAB
  2. BRCD
  3. FLR
  4. IILG
  5. NOC 
These are at the top of my list. I'd include RTN, HRB and DLX as other possibilities. 

If I also want to consider other stocks I think are attractive (along with some names in healthcare space):

RPXC and

So that is a list of 14 stocks of which I need five. A bunch of these will announce earnings in the interim, so that could easily change my opinion none other name I should toss in there is UIS. This is a stock I have owned several times in the past, they are extremely volatile around earnings. I have found that if you can buy them under $20, you have a chance to do pretty well. They are $19.07 right now and announce earnings tomorrow. Tres exciting. 

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