Sunday, October 26, 2014

I was right about UIS

Here is what I wrote earlier this week:

A bunch of these will announce earnings in the interim, so that could easily change my opinion none other name I should toss in there is UIS. This is a stock I have owned several times in the past, they are extremely volatile around earnings. I have found that if you can buy them under $20, you have a chance to do pretty well. They are $19.07 right now and announce earnings tomorrow. Tres exciting. 

Well, I was certainly correct.  UIS closed the week at $23.69, up over 20% post their earnings.  Where is the conviction?  I wish they had had one more poor quarter and SYNA one final good quarter and I could have swapped them out in November!  C'est la vie.

Other interesting stocks that seem extraordinarily cheap to me this weekend;

PGN - this is an off shore drilling spinoff in August from Noble.  They were over $12 at the spinoff and now are at $4.99.  They will likely institute a 50 cent dividend in early November (may cause stock to pop).  They are at about 35% of book value and expect to earn $1.58 in 2015.  I think they are worthy of a hard look next week.

PERI - this is an Israeli software company (the kind of company you don't like - they give you "free" software, but it is bundled with stuff you may not want, like different search engines). Google changed their policies on companies in the space and PERI has dropped from $14 to $6.  Granted, the changes will hurt PERI, but the sell-off seems extreme. They have a strong balance sheet (may implement a dividend) and should earn over $1 in 2015. Again, that looks very cheap.

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