Monday, September 29, 2014

The Picks Are In

I have performed my randomizer and have my five stocks for purchase tomorrow.

  1. HRB
  2. BAH
  3. BKE
  4. CA
  5. CSCO
  6. COH
  7. GME
  8. KING
  9. NUS
  10. RGR
Mr Random gave me 2,3,4,7 & 9.  So BAH, BKE, CA, GME and NUS.  


Karl Nelson said...

Interesting group. I don't think I could bring myself to buy NUS for a year hold...

John Carney said...


My sort is for over 700 million. I got the same 10 stocks. On Wednesday it is RGR, CA. I am into two buys a month.

Hold your nose for me!

John Carney said...


My wife talked me into doing the 100M top 50 sort and doing 5 each quarter for a total of 20 stocks.

My random buys are KING,CA,BKE,COH,RGR.